How to Survive Thanksgiving with your Left-Wing Niece

As Thanksgiving approaches each year, the internet fills up with articles and videos advising people how to survive their family gathering with the ubiquitous crazy right-wing uncle.

You can find “How to survive your family’s Thanksgiving arguments,” “What to do about your racist AF uncle at Thanksgiving,” “7 ways to talk to your racist uncle at Thanksgiving,” and “This Thanksgiving: fight the racist uncle.”

There is an “angry uncle bot” you can train against, and if you get desperate, there is even a hotline you can text to get arguments to use against that crazy right-wing relative.

But all of this leaves an underserved market for conservatives looking to survive Thanksgiving with their left-wing niece. I am here to fill that void.

So, what should you do with that crazy left-wing family member who insists Trump is worse than Hitler, tax cuts are racist (along with everything else), and Republicans just want sick people to die? Love her.

There are few things in life more important than family, and politics is not one of them.

There are extremely important issues being discussed throughout the country right now, and if you can have a respectful debate about them amongst your family this Thanksgiving, then by all means go for it. I fully expect to get into a political discussion this Thursday, same as we did last year and the year before that. But first and foremost we are family, and we never let disagreements get in the way of that.

Republican or Democrat; liberal, conservative, socialist, or libertarian; MAGA, Never Trump, or resistance; none of this matters as much as family.

So enjoy this uniquely American holiday. Watch some football. Enjoy a hearty meal. Talk politics or don’t. Just remember the purpose is to give thanks, not grief. In 20 years Trump will not be president and few people will remember the caravan, trade disputes, or the 2018 midterms. But your family will still be your family. Be thankful for that.



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