The Passing Joy of Liberal Tears

The right is angry, and with good reason. We spent eight years being condescended to by a former part time Constitutional law lecturer who repeatedly admitted to violating the Constitution. He had “a pen and a phone,” so forget Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution. Meanwhile, the media acted as if Obama should get everything he wanted, but if Republicans in a co-equal branch of government had a different idea it was “obstruction.” And anytime we dared to criticize Obama, even simply saying he golfed too much, it was proof we were racists.

We spent eight long years raging in vain that 2% economic growth is a failure, that treaties have to be ratified by the Senate not just willed into existence by the president, or that Obama learning of his administration’s failure after failure from the news was not an excuse. For this we were insulted, mocked, and condescended to. It was infuriating.

While this was particularly acute during the Obama years, the media has always been liberal, it’s nothing new to be called racist for every disagreement, and Democrats have always been hypocrites. So with that history, it’s natural to seek a measure of revenge.

Many on the right take perverse pleasure in watching the left get upset. When someone who is undeservedly arrogant breaks down in confusion because something doesn’t go their way, it’s natural to smile a bit. Going back to at least the 90’s, there have been jokes about drinking liberal tears.


Today it’s more common to hear of melting snowflakes. There are many on the left, particularly college students, who can’t handle any opposition. It seems like every other week we hear of a college setting up a safe space or issuing trigger warnings because someone with a different set of ideas will speak on campus. There are people who make their living upsetting these college students.

Melting snowflakes

After years and years and years of being called every name in the book by people who couldn’t set up a functioning website, it can be fun to watch the other side squirm. I for one still laugh when I watch the video of the liberal woman dropping to her knees and shouting “noooooo” in impotent rage when Trump took the oath of office.


Gets me every time.

But here’s the thing: all of that is about Democrats. It’s a reaction to what they have said, what they have done. I did not get involved in politics because of Democrats. I did not read books on political theory, spend many hours each week following the news, volunteer for campaigns, or start this blog because of Democrats. I’m here because conservatism offers a better way, because capitalism can lift people out of poverty without making anyone dependent upon the government, because moral relativism is not moral at all, because the most innocent among us should not be killed before they are even born, because a strong military is good for America and the world, and for so much more. I am here because I want to get stuff done.

Liberal tears can be entertaining, but eventually they dry their eyes and what are we left with? Social media trolls have made small fortunes insulting liberals while doing nothing to advance conservatism, or even actively impeding it.

Milo Yiannopoulos rose to social media fame by insulting feminists until his invitation to CPAC prompted conservatives to point out he defends pedophilia and sang America the Beautiful to a room full of white nationalists giving the Nazi salute. Many on the right traded momentarily laughing at liberals in exchange for an association with a racist defender of pedophiles and no conservative policies.

Milo is not a conservative and did nothing to promote conservatism. All he did was give liberals another opportunity to associate conservatives with hatred and bigotry.

This doesn’t mean we ignore the left’s provocations or water down our beliefs so as not to offend them. But our goals should be protecting the second amendment, not laughing at people who don’t understand guns; promoting free speech, not melting snowflakes; advocating individualism, not insulting feminists; advancing conservatism, not laughing at liberalism.

See Ben Shapiro for an example of someone who is straightforward and uncompromising, but all towards the goal of advancing conservative principles.

Advocate for conservatism, and if Democrats are offended then they are offended. But if you seek liberal tears or to melt snowflakes, you’ve put the focus on the left, and they’ve already won. Promote conservatism, passionately and compassionately, and we will win.

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