Bannon is not the Far-Right, I am

One of my pet peeves is constantly reading the press refer to Steve Bannon as “far-right.” Bannon is nasty, destructive, intolerant, Machiavellian, pompous, and dishonest. What he is not is far-right; I am.

The right believes in individual liberty. We believe all of us are imbued with dignity and responsibility unique to ourselves. Each man and woman should be treated with the respect they have personally earned through their actions. As free men and women we have personal sovereignty and must be responsible for our own decisions and our own consequences.

Steve Bannon and the left believe in identity politics. Bannon works under the same societal framework as far-left Democrats, he just differs on which groups deserve victim status and which groups deserve government support. Both reject individualism that is crucial to the right.

The right believes in the free market. Our first principle of individual liberty translates to the market place, where we believe competition benefits the consumer by ensuring every business must strive to provide the best service at the lowest cost. With few exceptions, each business, aka the men and women who own and operate businesses, should be liberated from government interference to pursue the growth and advancement that has marked America’s experiment in free markets since our founding.

Steve Bannon and the left believe in protectionism. Like the left, Bannon wants the government to safeguard certain business and industries, to interfere in the marketplace and change outcomes. Bannon and the left take it as a given that the government knows better than the people what is good for them and what they should buy. Bannon and the Left want the government to direct the economy from Washington by protecting favorite businesses from competition and keeping them afloat with massive government spending.

The right believes in good and evil, in right and wrong. There are moral issues that cannot be dispensed with in the name of the “greater good.” The right understands the old adage that character is destiny, and a bad person is unlikely to be a good leader. While no one is perfect, we should all strive to be better and not accept significant character defects as the price of doing business.

Steve Bannon and the left believe that public policy can absolve private failings. Although, here is an area that the left greatly improved upon even as Bannon sunk deeper. At the same time the left was excommunicating Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Al Franken, Bannon was doubling down on his support for Roy Moore. As the editor-in-chief of Breitbart admitted after the election, they believed Moore was guilty of molesting young girls, but continued to back him anyway. That is moral depravity on a scale rarely seen in American politics.

Bannon is a lot of things, including, unfortunately, a Republican. Because of his party affiliation it is often assumed he is on the right. But he makes his political leanings clear from his unabashed support for the alt-right, a group who’s very name demonstrates they are not actually part of the right, but want to replace it.

Bannon is not on the far-right, or of the right at all. As President Trump recently put it, Bannon is “only in it for himself.” But I, as a proud and unreserved conservative, committed to the cause of individual liberty and economic freedom, will gladly assume the title of far-right.

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