Why Did Hillary Lose?

Faced with a surprising electoral defeat on November 8, many Democrats seem determined not to learn any lessons. They deny that Hillary lost because Obama tried to take the country too far to the left, or because Hillary was a deeply flawed candidate who could not connect to the average American or explain why she wanted to be president, or because people grew fed up with being told any political disagreement was a hate crime. Instead, many Democrats have come up with two explanations for their defeat.

The first explanation is that Russia interfered in our election by releasing hacked emails from the DNC and Hillary’s campaign. This is a real problem and there must be repercussions. Despite what the anti-American Julian Assange and his partisans may say, I’m going to trust the patriots of the US intelligence community here. However, if you listen for it, Democrats often phrase this as “Russia hacked the election,” which gives the impression our #1 geopolitical foe hacked into the vote totals. They did not.

What Russia hacked were Democrat emails that showed contempt for average Americans. This was designed to weaken and embarrass Hillary, and it likely did, although there is no evidence it was enough to swing the election. Besides, “the American people knew what we really thought” is a poor excuse.

The second explanation for Hillary’s loss is to blame the people who voted against her. Instead of looking at their own flaws and errors, they declared everyone who voted for Trump to be racist, sexist (even women were sexist against Hillary), or too religious to realize they are racist and sexist.

When did America become this racist hellhole? I assume it was sometime after we twice elected a black president. Sexism seems like the obvious excuse for someone who based much of her campaign on being a woman, but Hillary lost traditionally Democrat states like Michigan and Wisconsin, both of which have elected women to statewide office. If Democrats want to condemn Americans for their Christianity, they are free to do so, although it might make for some awkward conversations when they go after Trump for singling out foreigners for their Islamic beliefs.

When examining why Hillary lost the presidential election, it may be best to fall back upon Occam’s Razor. Hillary lost because she was an unlikable, dishonest, and not very competent politician without a message running for a third term of a polarizing president. I’m sure it is comforting for Democrats to believe they did nothing wrong and only lost because they are too kind and smart to appeal to the ignorant masses, but they should reevaluate their campaign autopsy. Slanderous indignation is not a good look.

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